Publisher Suite
A complete Suite for effectively
managing your advertising partners.


Your immediate operational advantages

Do not multiply platforms
to diversify your advertisers.

Impose your tracking
system on your advertisers.

You work with whoever you want without the hassle of an affiliation program.

Make your autonomy
a commercial advantage.

Create your own network of advertisers based on the theme you choose.

Higher revenue with less deduplication
and more advertisers.

Publishers: Five reasons to internalise your advertiser relations

1. The uncertainties of allocation

Over the last few years, more and more advertisers have adopted tracking solutions allowing them to gain more control over the publisher relationship by assigning or not assigning sales according to practices that are often opaque. Whether it is a question of deduplication in affiliation or the rules of allocation such as cost per thousand (CPT) or cost per click (CPC), publishers look on helplessly as their role in the buying chain diminishes.

By internalising the management of your partners, you take control of the relationship by handling the data thanks to a reliable tracking and reporting solution.

The benefits of internalising advertiser management

Impose your technology thus increases your credibility in the advertiser relationship

Reach other advertisers than those proposed by the affiliation platforms.

Obtain the indicators most
relevant for your business.

Generation of advertiser invoices
and dunning management.

A dedicated technical team for customised development.

A real-time overview of a campaign’s effectiveness.

Would you like to learn more?

Electing an autonomous partner management solution is an important decision.
We also designed this guide to help you understand the advantages obtained from internalisation.
With the steps to follow for a successful migration.

Allow our solution to improve your revenue!
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