Advertiser Suite
A complete Suite for effectively managing your partners


Your immediate operational advantages

Tracking with and without cookies,
multidevice, and multipoint.

Know and pay your various contributors. Invoice management.

Management of all media, by brand, and by campaign, etc.

A search module within Effinity’s network of 25,000 affiliates.

Implement challenges, communication modules towards publishers, and mailings.

Develop a more efficient and responsive relationship with your partners.

Each month, Effinity Marketing Technologies, is…

Server calls
€ million
Publisher payments
0 000

Features that simplify your daily life

Monitor and optimise the performance of your catalogues, product by product, on the different acquisition channels. Learn more.

Simply and quickly place on your site the tags of the publishers that make up your network. Learn more.

Every month, we generate invoices and pay commissions to all your publishers. Learn more.

Perfect management of your couponer affiliates

Display promo codes that adapt
to the web user’s basket

Determine whether the coupons increase
your traffic or help convert.

Pay a single publisher for all uses of its dedicated code.

Discriminating control of your emailer affiliates

Control the marketing pressure
associated with your brand.

Preview and validate your dispatches
directly from the platform.

Customise the domain
names of your affiliates

Effinity Marketing Technologies also provides a high degree of customisation thanks to our dedicated technical team.

As evidenced by Jonathan Gorges of PriceMinister – Rakuten.

Would you like to learn more?

Electing an autonomous partner management solution is an important decision.
We also designed this guide to help you understand the advantages obtained from internalisation.
With the steps to follow for a successful migration.

Allow our solution to increase your revenues!

Our experts are at your disposal to offer you a demonstration of our partner management solution.